Digital Printing gets multiple upgrades


As demand for digital printing increases with marketers more familiar with the best ways to utilize its unique features (the most notable being variable printing), Printing Partners has recently given its digital department an upgrade by acquiring three new digital presses. Additions include two new Heidelberg Versafire digital presses and a new Kodak NexPress.

Heidelberg Versafire CP

The Heidelberg Versafire CP increases the range of substrates that can be printed on by utilizing an innovative color toner with a low melting point. It also has a feedback control system that automatically corrects key parameters such as contrast, color shading and CMYK ink coverage. This control system gives us the ability to more accurately color-match pieces that will be produced using both conventional offset and digital printing.

Heidelberg Versafire CV

The Heidelberg Versafire CV also provides the benefit of increased range of substrates with low-melting point toner with ultra-fine particles that produces image and color quality close to that achieved in conventional offset printing. The Versafire CV is the only digital printing press in its class offering high-opacity white ink or coating ink as a full-area or spot coating. The Versafire CV is designed for large paper formats, enabling us to print 13”x27” posters and six-page signatures in short runs.

NexPress ZX 3300

We’ve upgraded our Kodak NexPress SE3000 to a NexPress ZX3300. While the press itself looks remarkably similar to its predecessor, its production quality blows older generations out of the water. The new NexPress still offers spot-gloss coating and dimensional clear-raised ink, but has the additional capability of utilizing light-black ink, which adds a depth in images never-before seen in digital printing. The light-black ink also helps smooth out images and reduce tonal banding and graininess in the mid-tones. The most significant quality enhancement with the new Nexpress is its toner: coined by Kodak as HD DryInk, this new toner is reformulated to feature a smaller particle size that enables the NexPress to produce denser black, more vibrant colors, and razor-sharp imagery.

Printing Partners is not stopping improvements at the digital department. We have even BIGGER news coming soon… Stay tuned.


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