Marsh Symphony on the Prairie 2015

_1050104 R1We know summer is near when the Printing Partners starts filling up with Marsh Symphony on the Prairie brochures, magnets and tickets. In fact, SOTP is a great example of many of the different ways Printing Partners can assist in handling the logistics of such a large event series.

Tickets • There are 12 versions of tickets. Each is color-coded to quickly identify the different styles of tickets to assess attendance easily by groups. This allows the ISO and Marsh to track where tickets are being sold, in what format and what kind. Value pack tickets were padded in groups of ten to create more value to consumers and to sell more tickets for the ISO. Tickets distributed through Marsh grocery stores were imprinted with a barcode to simplify sales.

Presale Letters • Letters were produced then inserted with a brochure into a 6×9 booklet notifying ISO subscribers, donors, members of affiliate groups and patrons who have purchased group tickets in the past of a special presale of SOTP tickets. Doing a presale like this increases word-of-mouth by arousing the interest of individuals who are most likely to attend and talk about their experiences prior to the beginning of regular ticket sales.

Brochure Mailing • The brochure mailing included two versions: a standard brochure and a brochure that included a time-sensitive special offer on the mailing panel. The placement of the special offer lent itself well to economical printing as we were able to print all brochures at the same time and only needed to change one plate to include the special offer.

Variable Letters • Various letters were mailed to their corresponding audiences utilizing variable data to create a more personal appeal. This is achieved by printing the variable letters digitally and including a small barcode in the top corner. The letters are then put into an inserting machine that reads the barcode, knows the name printed on the letter and inkjets the corresponding mailing address onto the envelope into which the letter will be inserted.

Parking Passes • Similarly to the tickets, parking passes were color-coded to quickly identify which lot the driver is to park so that parking attendants can easily guide drivers to their parking spaces.

Additionally, Printing Partners printed a single-sided calendar brochure that we will pull regularly to fulfill mailing requests throughout the summer as well as the SOTP #10 envelopes into which all of the letters were inserted for mailing.

See the full Marsh Symphony on the Prairie schedule here.

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