What do current clients think of their xPress Storefronts?


We interviewed three current xPress storefront users to see how their xPress storefront has benefitted them:

 Samantha Jameson
Director of Marketing
Barrett & Stokely

 Derek Miller
Marketing Associate
Flaherty & Collins Properties

 Lindsay McClure Petronie
Community and Business Relations Manager
OrthoIndy & Indiana Orthopedic Hospital

What are the advantages you’ve gotten out of using the xPress storefront?

 Jameson – “The ordering process is much more streamlined and doesn’t need to involve multiple email exchanges.”

 Miller – “It helps speed up the process. Rather than everyone trying to ask me for their needs, they can use the storefront, click on what they want, then all I have to do is approve it.”

McClure Petronie – “It removes us as the middle person for when Managers/Directors need to order supplies such as envelopes, business cards and more.”

 How has the xPress storefront made your life easier?

Jameson – “Business can continue while I’m out of the office. I can catch-up on multiple orders and approvals when I return by checking my queue.”

Miller – “It’s taken the task of ordering off of me but allowed me to keep control of our brand. It’s also made things easier by reducing turnaround time. I used to wait a few weeks to process multiple orders; now employees can complete their order immediately and all I have to do is approve it. Now they can get their materials in about a week rather than a month.”

 McClure Petronie – “It cuts down on the requests from departments. It also provides a sense of comfort that employees are ordering the correct branded items because all items on the storefront are kept up-to-date.”

 What difference in cost have you seen since you’ve started using xPress?

Jameson – “We have decreased business card costs by approximately 18% by running multiples once a week.”

 Miller – “Yes. It’s probably cut our business card prices almost in half since you’re able to gang them and run them with other cards.”

 McClure Petronie – “It allows us to have common items such as envelopes printed in a larger quantity for a lower per-piece cost because they are ordered on such a regular basis.”

Has the xPress storefront been easy to use?

 Jameson – “Absolutely – I have users of every technology proficiency level.”

 Miller – “Yes. It’s been easy to use; I haven’t heard of any problems from anyone else, either.”

McClure Petronie – “Yes, it is very user friendly for our employees to navigate through. The Printing Partners team has been very helpful if we run into any problems.”

 Would you recommend using an xPress storefront to others? How many stars (1-5, 5 being best) would you give it?

 Jameson – “I’d rate it 5 stars! Why wouldn’t they want an online storefront??”

 Miller – “5 stars. I think it would be helpful for businesses like ours where you have many different people to manage. It makes it super easy versus having one person trying to order for 300 different employees.Now they can do it themselves and I can just approve it.”

 McClure Petronie – “Yes, I would give it 5 stars. It helps us manage what our employees are ordering and having printing without needing to be the middle-man.”

Want to see how an xPress storefront can make YOUR life easier?
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About Mallory MacDermott

Marketing Manager at Printing Partners, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana.
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