Indianapolis, IN – Printing Partners has invested more than $1.1 million in grants and sponsorships to support central Indiana arts and not-for-profit organizations over the past three years. The company provides in-kind support to help underwrite marketing or development activities of Grant recipients.

“We provide in-kind support for two categories of not-for-profits. One includes arts organizations – which are either educational or performing arts. The other, social service organizations – which are doing things in a variety of areas, but always to improve quality of life through their programming,” says Michael O’Brien, president and co-owner of Printing Partners.

“We’ve always believed in supporting these types of organizations, but needed a more objective, organized way to manage this support. After the inception of the Partners Grants program in 2004, organizations were given the opportunity to present how they wanted to use the money and how the in-kind giving was going to enable them to do things they might not have been able to do otherwise,” adds Joel O’Brien, co-owner of Printing Partners.

Dance Kaleidoscope, Freewheelin’ Community Bikes, Phoenix Theatre, ServLife International and Wheeler Mission Ministries are a few of the long list of organizations to benefit from Partners Grants.

“It’s really great for us to be tied to an organization that does so much for the arts. It’s a nice affiliation to have; it elevates the brand of Dance Kaleidoscope,” Paul Hansen, marketing director of Dance Kaleidoscope commented.

Freewheelin’ Community Bikes, organizer of Indy Crit and provider of the Earn-A-Bike Program for youth ages 10-18, has received Partners Grants for the past two years. “It takes the pressure off of us financially so we can use that time and energy on our programming. We can spend more time recruiting students and focusing our energy on the community,” Jennifer Cvar, vice chair of Freewheelin’ said.

Beyond the marketing materials provided to Freewheelin’ Community Bikes, the Partners Grants allow more funding to go towards the Earn-A-Bike program to subsidize the cost paid by each student. “Each student in the program costs Freewheelin’ between $125-$150. We can offer the program to students for $25 each, and are also now able to offer scholarship students the same opportunity for free,” Cvar said.

Bryan Fonseca, producing director and founder of Phoenix Theatre recounts how the improved quality of their performance programs has helped enhance its image; “Patrons do comment and have noticed the improvement of our programs. The impact of having a more professional program is not only for patrons, it also helps when we go out to sell ads. The advertisers know that this improved program will feature them in a better light.”

Printing Partners also assisted Phoenix Theatre in creating a packet for use by the ad sales director and development director. “The packet Printing Partners helped us create is clean, professional and something we’d never have been able to accomplish on our own,” said Fonseca, “and I would say, it’s been successful.”

Executive director of ServLife International, Adam Nevins, expressed his gratitude for Partners Grants; “It’s really increased donor confidence to know that not only do we believe in what we do, but even our printing company believes in it and wants to support us. Printing these beautiful promotional and fundraising materials for free has significantly increased our donor base and grown what we do . . . they’ve been a huge tool for us to use and achieve the goal of raising money so we can increase the support of our programming.”

Communications coordinator of Wheeler Mission Ministries, Amy Nelson, explains how the Partners Grants have enhanced the marketing for their biggest annual fundraiser, the Drumstick Dash. “It’s really allowed us to expand our reach in the community for the Drumstick Dash, but also for Wheeler Mission. The grant allows us to do more printing which has reached more people, which, in turn, raised more money. A meal at Wheeler Mission costs us $2.25, so the $5,000 grant has offset the costs of approximately 2,222 meals, and it grows exponentially because of the awareness of seeing Drumstick Dash and Wheeler Mission in the community during the holidays when people are wanting to reach out and do something.”

“The other things the Partners Grant does is help to make sure that people who are sending donations or signing up for the race know that their money goes straight to helping the homeless,” Brian Crispin, director of marketing at Wheeler Mission, said.

Other beneficiary organizations of Printing Partners sponsorships and Grants include the Center for the Performing Arts, Heartland Film, Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Printing Partners takes great pride in the support it provides not-for-profit organizations in the Indianapolis community. It was nationally recognized when it was awarded the BCA 10: Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America for 2011 by the Business Committee for the Arts.

Michael O’Brien notes, “It’s not only a matter of giving money. It’s truly a partnership where we’re able to help an organization achieve some end goal that they might not have been able to reach if they didn’t have our funding. And, we get benefits in return that help raise our profile in the community.”

Printing Partners is an ISO-certified, FSC chain-of-custody certified, G7® Master Printer. In the past 25 years, it has grown from six employees to one of the top ten printers in central Indiana. Printing Partners employs specialists in each of its six divisions: Printing, Mailing Services, Publishing, Signage, Promotional Products and Marketing. The company credits its growth to its Midwestern hospitality, broad range of capabilities, ability to meet hard deadlines and attention to detail.

About Mallory MacDermott

Marketing Manager at Printing Partners, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana.
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