Still growing after a quarter-century

history_aAs of June 1, 2014, it will have been 25 years since Michael O’Brien purchased the Delaware Street location of an Insty-Prints franchise from John and Susie Columbe. “John and Susie Colombe were very generous mentors who worked closely with us as the business grew,” O’Brien said. He soon brought his brother, Joel O’Brien, on board and divided the responsibilities to cater to each other’s strengths (Joel with finance, administration and operations; Michael with sales and marketing).

In 1998, having outgrown its Delaware Street location, the company purchased its current headquarters on 16th Street and with the termination of the Insty-Prints franchise, began doing business as Printing Partners. The building was shared with Alexander Standard Printing, owned by Dick and Susie Alexander. The two companies ran side-by-side, sharing knowledge and creating a partnership for 12 years until 2000, when the alliance was formalized when Printing Partners purchased Alexander Standard Printing.

Original Insty-Prints employees still employed at Printing Partners:

  • Michael O’Brien
  • Becky Bennett
  • Mark Parmeter
  • Tim Gasper
  • Linda Lake
  • Joel O’Brien was the first new hire in August 1989 followed by Mary Jo Hildreth in September.

Original Alexander Standard Printing employees still employed at Printing Partners:

  • Lenard Brown
  • Debbie Sprinkle
  • Rick Arnold
  • Brian Miller
  • John Thompson

Since the merger, Printing Partners has continued to grow and add new equipment and capabilities as it has become the full-service, ISO certified, FSC chain-of-custody certified, G7® Master Printer that it is today.

In only a quarter century, Printing Partners grew from a six-employee, single location, $600,000 quick-print shop to a 98-employee, full-service printer with annual revenues over $13 million from two locations. . .

. . . and we’re still growing.

About Mallory MacDermott

Marketing Manager at Printing Partners, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana.
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