Placing an InDesign file in an InDesign file

Every now and then software manufacturers add a feature that leaves printers and service providers asking “Why?”. Placing an InDesign document in an InDesign document is one of those features that leaves us scratching our heads.

Adobe has built that functionality into InDesign. You can actually place an InDesign file in your document just like you would any photo or art. As your printer, we ask that you don’t do this, or if you must, please remember that you should send us ALL of the InDesign files incase we encounter issues and have to make adjustments.

Potential problems with this technique.

Bleed – If the placed InDesign file has bleed, but bleed is not specified in the placed document setup, you will see the bleed but it won’t print. Even if the file it was placed into does have bleed specified in the document setup. The settings are independent of each other.

Color – You can’t change the color of the placed InDesign file, just as you can’t an Illustrator or Photoshop document. If an adjustment needs to be made, we would need to have the original document.

As a practice, we would recommend that you not use this technique. In any circumstance, always remember that when you send us your files, you need to send us all linked or placed files. Using “Package” under the File Menu, InDesign will collect all of the fonts and images used in your documents and place them into a folder that you can then Zip and send to us. We have instructions on line for how to do this, just follow this link.

For any questions regarding how to send in your files, please feel free to contact your salesperson. They can answer most questions you might have.

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