Paying more attention to your current customers can have a huge impact on your bottom line

shutterstock_87137005Many marketers are continuing to follow the old 80/20 rule of spending 80% of their budget on the acquisition of new customers and only 20% on the retention of current customers despite new consumer buying trends. If you’re still in the 80/20 mindset- you should change your train of thought right now.

With the recent economic downfall, many consumers are less willing to spend money trying out new brands and products. Some have even made the decision to stop spending money on certain “unnecessary” products and services altogether. Until the economy is booming again, refocusing your efforts to your current customers and continually reminding them why they chose your product could have a much bigger impact on your bottom line than trying to get new customers. Creating an actual relationship with your current customers and letting them know you appreciate them can increase their loyalty to your brand.

Creating that relationship is key, and contacting your customers directly is the best way to do it.

Media like magazines, billboards, TV and newspapers can have great impact with informing prospects about your product or service, but those media lack the personal touch and customization required to create a personal relationship with consumers.

If you have the manpower and time to have a representative visit or call each of your customers on a regular basis, that personal contact will be the absolute most effective way to create loyal customers.

But what if contacting everyone individually that way isn’t something you have the time for?
There are other ways to contact each of your customers individually with content tailored specifically for them.

Direct mail is a fantastic way to have personalized contact with each of your customers.

It gives you the ability to have the information you want to send out to all customers included in the piece as well as variable (personalized) content for each person. Variable content can come in many different forms: from something as simple as using their name in the salutation to entire paragraphs of text or even the images used in the piece.

Personalizing each piece with variable information gets more attention than something generic, and it helps create and maintain that personal relationship between your company and your customers.

Direct mail also has the highest response rate compared to other media. The biggest difference between direct mail and other media is that other media are most effectively used as vehicles of information or to generate awareness. While they can include a call-to-action, none provoke an immediate action or response as well as direct mail.

Direct mail is also an effective tool to drive people to your digital media (websites, social media, etc.) With things like PURLS, GURLS and QR Codes, you can get people interacting with your brand digitally, which gives you the opportunity to capture information about your customers that you may not have (such as their current e-mail address).

Once you’ve capture e-mail addresses, that opens the door for you to communicate with them directly in another way.

E-mail blasts provide an instant contact to your clients with only a small investment required to reach a large audience.

Personalization with variable information is also available with e-mail. Used properly, e-mail marketing can have an extremely high return on investment. Just make sure you’re not bombarding your customers with too many messages – many people get annoyed receiving multiple messages from the same sender, and you don’t want them to unsubscribe from your list or mark your messages as spam.

See the differences between direct mail and email in our previous post.

A mix of using both direct mail and e-mail blasts with an occasional call or visit from a representative is a great combination to successfully build personal relationships with your customers and gain their loyalty.

At Printing Partners, we have all the tools you need to create those relationships. From creating the message, to design, to print and mailing (or e-mail), we can help you through the entire process and even recommend ways to track your success. Contact a representative to get started today!


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