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Did you know that there are ways to extract original photos from PDF files and DOCX files?



If you open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro and go to Advanced > Document Processing > Export All Images, Acrobat will export all images used in the document as separate files.


If you have a DOCX file you’d like to extract photos from, simply change the “.docx” to “.zip” and unzip the file. Once unzipped, you’ll find all the documents original assets as individual files in a folder.

A little extra knowledge about images

Although these are nice tricks to extract images from PDF and Word files, do keep in mind that not all PDF and Word files actually contain high-resolution images.

Quick Image Checklist:

  • Are these images hi-res enough to use?
    • For conventional printing, a minimum effective resolution of 300 dpi is required.
    • For digital printing, 300dpi is still preferred, but the absolute minimum is 200dpi.
  • At what percentage am I placing my image?
    • When you place an image on a document at any size besides 100%, you are changing the effective resolution.
      • This means, although your 2x2in image may be 300dpi, if you place it at 200% its original size, your effective resolution is now 150dpi.
      • The same works vice versa, if you place a 3x3in image that is 100dpi as a 1x1in, its effective resolution is 300dpi.
      • To eliminate any confusion between actual and effective dpi, it’s good practice to resize images to the size and resolution you want before placing it on the document.
  • Am I working in the proper color space?
    • Be sure that if you’re designing for print, your images are CMYK, and if you’re designing for on-screen use, your images are RGB.
    • SEE ALSO: CMYK vs. RGB vs. PMS

You can also refer to our Production Guideline PDF for more information on images and color requirements.

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