Schedule, schedule, schedule

During this busy holiday season, having a plan makes things go smoother.

In printing, having things scheduled makes your jobs go smoother.

As you plan your print jobs having a schedule can help to get your job completed on time and with less stress. Typically, we suggest that you work backwards from your anticipated delivery or mailing date. Knowing how much time is required for printing (and in some cases drying), finishing, addressing, data work, proofing, plating, and file preparation can make all the difference.

The more complex your job, the more time may be necessary in finishing. If your data needs attention, that work and your approval may take a few days to accomplish. And of course there are the other clients. The printing industry can be feast or famine, and without fail, if you have a critical job and very little time to do it, that is when your printer will be the busiest.

If you have a critical delivery date, we suggest that you talk with your salesperson as soon as possible in your development cycle. They can let you know what kind of time will be necessary to accomplish your job. Then you can plan that into your schedule, and your printer can get your job on their schedule as well. Having sufficient time to complete your job will produce a higher quality product and reduce the possibility of errors.

If you have questions regarding how something will be done, or what kind of time is necessary to complete a task, ask your salesperson. They are always willing to work with you to make sure things run smoothly.

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