FTC Green Guides

The FTC released their Green Guides recently. This is an attempt by the Bureau of Consumer Protection to help consumers weed through the confusing claims about companies and products that claim to be “green”.

These new guidelines require that companies be able to substantiate any claims that they make about being environmentally friendly. As the FTC continues to investigate and prosecute false claims, these rules will be come more important. But by following these guidelines, companies can more clearly express to consumers and other businesses their commitment to our environment in clear and reliable language.

Printing Partners has certifications that are designed to help us be better stewards of our environment, G7-Master Printer Certification and FSC Chain of Custody Certification. Neither of these certifications makes us “green”, but they allow us to minimize our impact on the community. To learn more about how these certifications and our other sustainability practices help our community, please visit our web site.

There are several resources available for you to watch and read on these new guidelines. We have listed resources below that are from the FTC’s website.

The Grass is Always Greener

Environmental Marketing

Summary of the Green Guides

Video: Green Guides

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