Rotate your view in InDesign

Have you ever worked on a postcard, business card or other piece that had one page rotated 90 degrees? Tired of turning your head so you could see what you were designing?

InDesign has a feature that will rotate the page on screen for you so it is easier to read.

Once you have set up your document in InDesign, you go to the Pages Tab and click on the thumbnail of the page that is straining your neck. Then from the Pages sub-menu go to Rotate Spread View and select the direction of rotation you need to be able to see the page without being a yoga master.

Once you are finished you can remove the rotation by going back to that menu and selecting “Clear Rotation”. The rotated setting will save with your file so you won’t have to rotate the page each time you open the document.

Also, it has no effect on the page output. It is only rotated on screen. A great neck saving feature in InDesign!

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  1. Trish Logan says:

    I have to say I did not know this! But am VERY glad to know it now! Wonderful service! ____________

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