Please don’t build your files in printer spreads

Some clients believe that building their electronic files in Printer Spreads helps us get their files to press faster. The truth is, it slows us down.

When we set up files for printing we want them in single-page reader spreads. Our impositioning software will take your pages and distribute them on the press sheets according to how the job will print and bind. And that software expects the pages to be in reader order.

Also, when you set up your document please set it up so that the electronic page size is the same as the printed page size. Don’t make your pages equal the Spread Size, or they will have to be split apart. That can incur a greater cost or lost time.

You can set-up the electronic document as single pages or single facing pages. Either is fine for us.

If you have further questions on how to set up your files, you can speak to one of our salespeople or you can utilize these free resources. Our Resource Guide talks about a great deal of information and is designed to be a handy desktop reference guide for printing. For more specific on submitting files to us we have an online guide for file submission.

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