Are you looking for ways to make your printing unique?

Printing has a whole host of attention getters that can be used to engage and entice your audience. From QR Codes and Augmented Reality to Varnishes and Foil Stamping. Lately, with all of the buzz surrounding the electronic side of information delivery, we as printers and designers have lost sight of what makes print unique, our edge over the electronic devices, Special Effects.

Not all special effects are budget breakers or difficult, talk to your salesperson here at Printing Partners to learn more about working within your budget to make amazing printing.

Sappi Paper has produced an educational series of books called “The Standard”, Book 5 is all about printing special effects. You can talk to a Sappi Paper representative to see about getting a copy of the book, actually we recommend getting a hold of all of the books in the series, they’re wonderful. Book 5 illustrates more printing techniques than you can imagine. Some are VERY expensive, but most are very affordable.

Paper Specs and Sappi teamed up to produce a webinar about Book 5. It was 90 minutes long, but well worth attending. Paper Specs has now released a recording of this webinar on their website. I encourage you to view this recording and then try and get your hands on the book. No you can’t borrow mine.

Once you’ve been inspired by the recording, and you’re ready to kick your printing up a notch, give us a call. Most effects mentioned in the book we can do in-house, there are only a few that we can’t, but we have people for those.

View the video, get your imagination flying and let’s see what we can create together!

Link to Paper Specs Webinar Recording

Link to Sappi Fine Paper – The Standard

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