Spelling, your reputation could depend on it

It seems there have been quite a few stories lately about things that have been misspelled, from high school diplomas to presidential campaign mobile apps. Spelling errors are easy to make and easy to overlook.

Here at Printing Partners we occasionally see jobs come through with spelling errors, usually they are minor and we try to correct them or let the client know when we see them. But we don’t read every job line-for-line, sometimes there just isn’t time, especially if the job is a large book or program.

However, there is a simple setting in InDesign that can help you catch spelling errors before you send us your job.

In Adobe InDesign CS applications, under the Edit Menu there is a selection for Spelling. It has a sub menu, with a selection called Dynamic Spelling. If you select that, InDesign will work like Word does. It will underline misspelled words in red for you as you type. You only need to do this once, InDesign should remember this setting for you the next time you launch the application.

This is a great feature and we encourage everyone to turn this on. Your reputation, not to mention your campaign (political or marketing) may depend on it.

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One Response to Spelling, your reputation could depend on it

  1. Trish Logan says:

    I honestly did not know about this, and appreciate the tip.

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