Proposal to Discontinue the POSTNET Barcode

A few days ago the Postal Service released a document outlining it’s proposal to discontinue the POSTNET Barcode in favor of the newer Intelligent Mail Barcode, which was required for automation in May 2011.

They are proposing to discontinue the POSTNET Barcode in January 2013. This is just a proposal and has not yet been finalized. Once we know the official date the POSTNET Barcode will be discontinued we will pass that information along.

Printing Partners has been using the Intelligent Mail Barcode on mail we send out for the past several years. We have and will continue to work with our customers to help them in transitioning to the new barcode. Some companies are still using the old POSTNET Barcode on their Reply Mail envelopes. As they reprint these envelopes with us, we are making sure they get printed with the Intelligent barcode. Our hope is to have everyone transitioned over as soon as it is convenient to do so and we will work to make this a smooth transition for everyone.

If you have any questions about the transition process, please contact your salesperson.


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