Our Improved Folding Guide

Our Interactive Folding Guide calculators have been improved!

We have now added the ability to choose the right calculator for the type of paper you are working with. You can choose from Text or Cover weight paper. Choosing the right calculator can make a big difference in your panel sizes and in how your piece folds.

Cover weight paper is thicker and so it requires more room to fold. It really can make a difference in how your piece looks when it is done. With text weight paper you can get away with very little differences in your panel sizes, not so with cover weight paper.

If you have questions about the type of paper you will be using on your project, please contact your salesperson or CSR.

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2 Responses to Our Improved Folding Guide

  1. Trish LOgan says:

    I do not understand the relevance of the video advertisement.

    • Trish, from what we can tell WordPress occasionally runs ads on blogs. We have only been able to make this video ad show up in Google Chrome. It won’t show up in Firefox, Safari or Explorer. Sort of interesting.

      Sorry for this confusion, we will look into removing these in the future.

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