Proofreading, is it important?

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Proofreading, is it important?The recent error by the United States Postal Service goes to show you that proofreading and checking art for accuracy is an important step in the printing process.

The general rule is that the person who wrote the copy should not be the person responsible for proofreading the copy. It is always best to have another pair of eyes look things over.

All too often we see files arrive that are full of spelling and punctuation errors. There are clients who seem to start proofreading once we supply them proofs. It is much more cost effective for you to make sure the proofreading is done before you send us the document. And if you are counting on Spell Check, remember “in” and “inn” are both valid words, spell check can’t tell what your context is, so it won’t pick up the error.

detailCheck the other elements in your document. If it is applicable, check to make sure the subject matter in your art and images is accurate. The USPS got caught using the wrong image of the Statue of Liberty. If you look closely at the new Lady Liberty Stamp, that the post office produced in December of 2010, you will see that the Statue of Liberty they used isn’t the one in New York it’s the one in Las Vegas! (You can tell by looking at the “windows” in Liberty’s crown. The statue in Vegas has painted windows unlike the statue in New York. The stamp clearly shows painted windows.)

Small details like proofreading and image accuracy can mean a lot for your reputation and how people perceive your company.

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