Collect your files, stop the phone calls!

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Have you ever sent in a file to be printed and had the printer call you asking for fonts, pictures, graphics and other items? Well, there is a quick and easy way to stop those phone calls!

In Quark it is called “Collect for Output” and in InDesign it is called “Package”. Both do the same thing, they can collect the fonts, graphics, and layout file for you and copy them all into a neatly organized folder that you can then Zip and send to us for output. Some people will point out that sending your fonts to someone is a violation of the license agreement with the font company. And yes it is, but, the font companies understand that in order to print your file, we need the fonts. So they allow you to send them to us, provided we promise to only use them for your job. Which we do, scouts honor.

Depending on which version of Quark or InDesign you are using, the dialog boxes are a little different. So we will talk in general terms, if you want more detailed instructions we have them available for download on our website.

In InDesign when you launch Package, it shows you a summary of the elements in your document. The different selections give you the ability to make sure all of the graphics and colors are updated and correct. Once all of that is correct, you can click on the Package button. It takes you to an Instructions page where you can leave us information about your job, then click continue. This is the final window, you will select a place to save the new folder and then you can choose what items to send to us. At minimum we suggest going with the default settings: Fonts and Graphics. Then click Save. You are done.

In Quark you only get one dialog window. Here you will choose the destination for the new folder, we recommend these settings: Layout, Linked Pictures, Fonts, Screen Fonts. Then click Save. If your graphics aren’t updated, Quark will ask you to stop the process and go up date the graphics before it continues.

Once you have this done, we suggest that you Zip the folder. You can then, depending on what size it is, email it to us or use our file upload function on our web site. By following these instructions, you should eliminate the missing element phone calls and that should make your life easier.

If you have any questions or problems about doing this, feel free to contact your salesperson or CSR and they can help you with this process.

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