Fold and score!

Folding is a step we don’t always look at as a design tool. It is just something that turns our press sheet into pages. But the right fold or die cut can make a huge difference. And we aren’t talking about having to order a $1,000 die. Simple folds done on a folder or scored in letterpress, if done correctly, can have a dramatic impact on the design of a piece. Our finishing experts have the information and skill to make any fold or score you can come up with a reality.

I just had the pleasure of attending a webinar from PaperSpecs on scoring and folding. The information was great and was presented very well. It was only an hour, so it didn’t go into the detail I would have liked. (Ask anyone in the office, I am usually designing something that letterpress and hand bindery will just roll their eyes at. My desk has many mocked-up “ideas” all over it.) But for me, the greatest part of this webinar was the handout.

The Standard 4 - Scoring and FoldingI have to thank Sappi Paper, FoldFactoy’s Trish Witkowski and Kit Hinrichs of Studio Hinrichs for creating a booklet all about folding and scoring entitled The Standard 4 – Scoring & Folding. It is probably the best presentation on this subject I have seen. And it is available for free from Sappi. It demonstrates just about every fold and score available and talks about the things to keep in mind and the things to avoid. It is a great resource and I highly recommend that you request one. Follow this link to Sappi Papers, you will need to register before you can request the book, but believe me this book is worth it.

PaperSpecs has held a few webinars over the past year that have been informative. They have an archive of past, recorded webinars as well as listings for future events. If you can spare an hour, I suggest you visit their site and watch one.

I am not advocating taking the entire day to watch webinars, but I have attended a couple and they have been great resources and have provided inspiration.

Also, if you haven’t been to yet, it is a great resource for all things folding. They have a weekly video email with a “60-second Super-Cool Fold of the Week”. These can be great inspirations. I would recommend becoming a member, it’s also free.

Good luck with your next project. And remember if you want to try something a little out of the ordinary, fold it. Give your salesperson a call early in your design process, they will be more than happy to work with you to help make your ideas happen.

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