High-Quality Youth Role Models Provided by the IHSAA

Finding quality role models for today’s youth is tough. There is a constant and ever-present bombardment of programming, media, and stimulus, that sinks deep within the minds of today’s youth that will greatly impact their views and actions as adults. This influence on young adults peaks at the high school level with family, peers, and outside interests all tugging for attention.  Let’s face it, there is an abundance of powerful negative influences out there, and the positive ones seem to few and far between.

Several years ago we were approached by our partners at three-sixty group to participate with a program  in association with the IHSAA that strives to provide students of all ages proper positive role models in their local community and schools. For decades, one of the most powerful influencers of student and youth behavior is that is that of the student athlete. By using the power of the successful student athlete, the IHSAA Role Model campaign was developed in providing the youth in each participating community, a true and identifiable local hero that exemplifies a positive, successful, and healthy lifestyle that they will hopefully will carry into adulthood. The students, that are nominated by their respective athletic directors, must maintain a minimum grade point average, exhibit good sportsmanship in their respective sports, and pledge to be tobacco free. New for this year, is the addition of youth artists in music, art, and theater, that also personify the very best qualities of local student performers.

Printing Partners is proud to support the IHSAA Role Model Program and its outstanding group of student athletes and artists. Every year we sponsor 15 different high schools and their athletes and artists in central Indiana, in addition to providing cost-effective solutions in offset and digitally printed posters, pocket schedules, and trading cards, that highlight the program and give these outstanding students the recognition they deserve.

For more information on the IHSAA Role Model program, or to see this years students visit their site at www.ihsaa.org.

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