Give Us A Thumbs Up on Facebook

There’s no escaping the barrage of articles, news stories, reports, and now even a motion picture, on the relevance of Facebook.  The impact that Facebook has had on way we connect to friends, family, colleagues, and places of interest, has changed our expectations and immediate need for constant information.  For many, it’s become the primary portal in the world outside of our own. For some, it’s intensely personal and private, and for others, everything is on display for the world to consume. Facebook is exactly what you make of it.

We’ve debated at great lengths here at Printing Partners on what we think our presence should be, if at all.  The constant question that we come to is, if we do participate, can we provide enough quality content and interest to be of value to our partners? Can we use Facebook to enhance our current relationships, and possibly make some new connections that will provide us with new opportunities? Or are we just clogging up cyber space with information that nobody really wants? I think these are questions that all businesses toil over in finding the find the value in social media. Because the relevance of social media is still evolving, I am confident that we won’t have solid answers in the near future, and social networking will be a constant learning experience. However, by not plugging into social media, or at least paying attention to how it’s shaping us, it’s limiting our scope. That’s what drives all businesses to it. The potential is limitless for those who do it well.

We admit we are fashionably late to Facebook, but we have done our homework and have been paying attention to those organizations who do it well. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and will be applying our new knowledge to our new Facebook page. We hope that you find just the right mix of helpful printing and mailing knowledge, as well as news about us and our partners. We also hope to have some fun along the way. So please give us a “like” and share with us your feedback.

For more information, comments, or suggestions, please send me a note at

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One Response to Give Us A Thumbs Up on Facebook

  1. Trish Logan says:

    I’m a dinosaur. No Facebook for me. But here’s my thumbs UP anyway!
    Thanks for your ever good service and products!

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