Collaboration brings the very best to every project

In September Indianapolis will host one of the world’s premier violin competitions. Forty-four violinists from twelve countries will compete for cash prizes and awards valued at more than $250,000, along with the chance to be one of six laureates of the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. (IVCI)

International Violin Competition of IndianapolisThe poster commemorating the competition was designed by world-renown architect and designer Michael Graves. Printing Partners works closely with the IVCI and we knew that the poster would be a special piece. When the original art arrived from New York we recommended Heartland Printworks, a subsidiary of Virtu Fine Art Services, for scanning. In addition to being able to accommodate a large piece of art, Heartland was able to capture so much detail that the stucco in the scan appears three dimensional. It’s practically impossible to tell the scan from the original.

As we set-up for our press check, the press operator suggested that we use a new dull aqueous coating on the poster. Our coatings are typically gloss and satin and they each create the finish their respective names imply. The press operator knew that the dull coating would create a much flatter finish that would heighten the effect of the stucco in Graves’ art.

Each person brought his or her special skills to the table to create a poster that befits one of the world’s greatest violin competitions. Michael Graves created a stunning piece of art. Heartland captured the essence of the art in a digital format. And Barry Smither transferred the image to paper in a way that honors the original work.

To learn more about the 8th Quadrennial competition visit The world is watching.

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