iheartlogos : Spread the Love.

One of the toughest challenges for many talented graphic designers is getting your work seen by a large audience. Being able to receive positive feedback on your work by a community of your design peers, is even tougher.

iheartlogos was developed to give talented graphic designers a forum to share, inspire, and compete against each other in the spirit of quality design. What’s unique about iheartlogos is the competitors are the judges, and vice versa. Review the work of your peers and “heart” the logos you like. It’s very similar to the “Like” button in Facebook.

The process couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Setup an account at iheartlogos.com
  2. Submit your logo(s) for $10.00 each
  3. Heart the logos of your peers.

Those designers receiving the most hearts, will appear in a professionally published and printed book that will distributed throughout the world. It’s a great way to land your best work in the hands of graphic arts community.

Here some important dates to be considered in this years competition. Season one voting starts in just a few days, so act now!

01.01.10 – Season 1 begins

08.31.10 – Season 1 submissions end

09.01.10 – Season 1 voting begins

09.30.10 – Season 1 voting ends

10.01.10 – Season 2 begins

10.07.10 – Season 1 winners announced

12.10.10 – Season 1 iheartlogos book ships to buyers

Good luck and happy heart-ing!

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