Coming Soon: Relief to Those Looking to Differentiate Their Projects

What if you had the option to add a custom texture to your printing projects?  What if you could provide a tactical feel to your project that enhances your message that provides a “WOW” factor that is sure to be noticed? What if you could do all of this, with a short run, digital solution? With the upcoming acquisition of the latest generation of Kodak Digital Nexpress, we’ll be able to offer just that, balanced with cost effectiveness and simplicity.

Printing’s greatest advantage over most other forms of media, is the benefit of delivering a tactile experience. Advertisers, marketers, and designers are finding greater results in their efforts of being noticed by providing their target audience with this tactile experience that electronic forms just can’t match. A tactile experience provides audiences with tangible proof that this is an organization that is solid and that put extensive resources and thought in the provided message. The right combination of stunning graphics and a quality paper stock, can usually get you noticed. Now lets add the actual texture of basketball to your themed invite, the feel of linen to your clothing catalog, or the texture of wood grain to your variable data direct mail piece that highlights your new line of wood flooring. The possibilities are endless.  The end result is a piece that is irresistable to your target audience and a higher return on your advertising investment.

Coming this fall to Printing Partners is a revolutionary new advancement in digital production that will allow us to break the third dimension and exceed your expectations of what’s possible in digital printing. With the Nexpress SE3000 digital press, we will not only will be able to offer the most update in digital printing quality, but the added ability to add a custom texture to your project. Texture is added by a simple process that is in-line to the printing process, much like adding a simple spot varnish. When heat is applied, the varnish raises much like that of traditional thermography. Your texture is then applied in perfect registration.

Our partners at Kodak have created a very helpful PDF data sheet showing how to get creative and prep your files for preparation of dimensional printing, click here. It’s easier than you might think. They have also prepared a great case study from the University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, outlining their success using dimensional printing in one of the earliest trails of the technology for the 2008 presidential campaign. Just click here.

For samples, questions, or to speak personally about breaking into the third dimension in print, please contact me at or at 317.225.8115.

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