A Lasting Legacy of Integrity and Gratitude

Friday I received a letter that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Cranfill Advertising Agency. Anyone who knew Mel Cranfill remembers him as a professional and a man of great integrity. I did not know Mel’s wife, but the letter described her as “a woman with great faith and courage.” Today, the company they started operates as three-sixty group under the leadership of Mel’s son, David Cranfill, and Scott Willy.

The fact that a company has endured for fifty years is indeed remarkable— even more so in an industry that David described as “dynamic and unpredictable.”

But what struck a cord with me was the recognition that “theirs is a shared story”. David went on to thank the clients, vendors and employees who have been part of their longevity and success.

The letter made me pause. It reminded me of the value of our partnerships. The customers who rely on us for our services and on whom we reply for our livelihood. The suppliers who work Saturdays when necessary to deliver a job on time. And the loyal employees who combine skill and hard work to achieve extraordinary results.

David reminded us of the value of these relationships and to reward them by saying, “thank you”. It’s a lesson he learned from his father.

Thank you, Mel.

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