What’s in your data?

When I work with existing clients and new prospects with print and direct mail planning, one of the first items I inquire about is their mailing list or their database. It’s a great line of discussion to start off with, because depending on the depth, or the extent of knowledge that they have about their list, the more possibilities we have to create a successful direct mail campaign.

When initiating the discussion, I can generally receive three types of responses:

  1. “We really don’t keep a regular mailing list or database”
  2. “We have a basic mailing list that contains basic information like company, name and address information.”
  3. “We keep a data base that contains contact information, purchasing preferences, and information that’s vital to our business.”

The good news, is no matter what we start off with in terms of a database, there are several options we can present to ensure a successful campaign. The most important part is knowing your audience, and the desired outcome of the campaign that you would like to achieve.

Having that, we have the ability to help fill in the gaps with the missing elements.  For example, if you don’t have a mailing list, but know that your audience is coming from a particular area, or is in a certain age group, we can purchase a mailing list that represents matching criteria. I recently assisted a client that represented a senior living community that was looking to expand their direct mail campaign to gain new residents. They already had a quality list, and knew some key demographic elements to their audience, but needed help in finding more people that matched their criteria. We were able to help them acquire a mailing list of several thousand more individuals that lived in the surrounding zip codes of their community. We were then able to assist them develop a successful direct mail campaign, that included personalized information through variable data printing. The message was targeted using the database that was rich with specific information.

The opposite problem commonly exists. Their are instances where clients have a very large database of basic contact information, but really doesn’t have any idea of what groups represent their database. We can help there too. We can analyze your existing database and tell you more about your audience. For example, specifics on age, income, net worth, zip code saturation, and countless other criteria can all be achieved through your existing database.

Let us help you get the most of your data to achieve your direct mail goals. Contact me at brian@printingpartners.net or at 317.225.8115 to develop a successful direct mail campaign.

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