Wish you were here?

Indiana stampEveryone agrees it is satisfying to get something in the mail that is addressed to you from a friend or relative. Unless your sister sent you a postcard from her vacation in Hawaii, while you were freezing and shoveling snow in February.

Wouldn’t it be great for your clients to have that “satisfied” feeling when you send them correspondence? Just about every business at one point or another will send out postcards to their clients, customers or members. How well it is done and what the subject matter is can directly affect whether it is successful or not. Generic postcards or letters can be less well received, the best alternative is a personalized version of the postcard or letter.

Personalization can be more than just “Dear Bob” and the address on the envelope, it can be anything you have information for. If you only have a database of names and addresses, then you are limited in what you can personalize. However, if your database tells you what membership type they have and how long they have had it, or what they tend to purchase as clients, then you can put that information on the card. And maybe include a new offer that they might find appealing.

Maybe it isn’t text at all, maybe you can use that information and include an image that pertains to what you know about them. The options can be unlimited, exciting and daunting all at the same time. If you have an idea, just have a database, or just want to send a postcard, we can help you put together something to accomplish your task.

Or maybe you already know what you want and know how to do, you just need someone to help execute your plan, well we can do that too. Oh and don’t worry about mailing them, we have that covered. We can verify your list of addresses to make sure they are correct, print the cards, sort them for mailing, put the stamp on, check them in with the postal clerk and take them to the post office for you.

We have quite a bit of experience working with personalization and several options for creating it. We can help you take the mystery out of this new technology and start putting it to work for you. Give us a call at 317-635-2282 or contact your salesperson to learn more.

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