Some Insight on the Road Ahead

In June of 2007, I had the opportunity to meet,  Joseph P. Truncale, CAE, President & Chief Executive Officer of NAPL (National Association of Printers and Lithographers) at a conference in Rochester, New York. I found his presentation, as well as our conversation, exceptionally insightful and motivational. I have continued to follow his work, as well as the members of the NAPL, to help provide a broad view of what possibly lies ahead for the printing industry as we move through the post recessionary economy.

To give you a little background on the NAPL, it is a membership based organization that provides a wealth of industry analysis, knowledge, support, trends, and news in the fields of web, offset, and digital printing. Their goal to transform it’s members into true leaders that drive the future of print forward through the next century.

The NAPL recently released their State of the Industry:Strategic Perspective 2010, that provides some collective insight to what over 500 of today’s printers project and see as trends and the future ahead. I’ll be the first to admit that the report is not for everyone at a hefty 49 pages. However if you are interested in topics such as digital vs offset printing trends, social networking and direct mail, you should find the report insightful.

The report is available for sale on the NAPL website.

Your questions, comments, and insights are strongly encouraged. Please feel free to contact me at or at 317.225.8115 for more information.

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