Printing Partners is proud to introduce…

Mike Hehmann, sales representative
Mike HehmannI am very excited about joining the Printing Partners team.  I have known Michael and Joel for over 20 years and always respected the way they did business.  It was very important to me to work at a company that places a high value on doing business with integrity.  Printing Partners also understands and stresses the importance of both the work family and home family.

Speaking of home family I have a wife and 5 children.  Our 3 oldest are girls and 2 twin 1 ½ year old boys.  Between work and home I stay very busy.  My family and I look forward to getting to know the other Printing Partner families as well.

I have been fortunate to work with a lot of great clients that have stayed loyal to me over the years. I started my career back in 1988 at Delp Printing and Mailing. I worked at Design Printing for 2 years before they merged with Saint Clair Press.  And I worked at Saint Clair for 8 years.

I am looking forward to introducing my clients to the great services and possibilities that Printing Partners has to offer, and the opportunity to make new connections. If I can help you with a project, feel free to contact me, my information is below.


Phone: 317-664-7827

About Printing Partners

Commercial & digital printing, graphic design, direct mail, mailing services, promotional products all located under one name, Printing Partners - Indianapolis, Indiana. Printing Partners is FSC Certified and is a G7 Master Printer.
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