Happy Hour at the Symphony

As a partner with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Printing Partners encourages new audience development. Stella Artois Happy Hour at the Symphony is a new concert series for 2010 and is creating quite a buzz for innovation and originality. The programmers for Happy Hour at the Symphony, Time For Three, are enhancing the way audiences enjoy classical music.

The compositions interweave the traditional works of Mozart and Beethoven with familiar pop and folk songs from artists like Coldplay and Imogen Heap to create a unique sound that evokes imagery and movement. Although the songs display a common ground, the form they take when sounds are blended and multiplied is unique and inspiring.

The concerts begin at 6:30pm although the doors open at 5:00pm for complimentary cocktails and pre-concert mingling. Tickets are only $20. Visit the ISO’s website for more information regarding Stella Artois Happy Hour at the Symphony.

Thursday, March 18 is the next scheduled Happy Hour at the Symphony and will be conducted by Steve Hackman to feature the works of Johannes Brahms and Grammy winner John Mayer, among other familiar tunes. I can already hear it now, Mayer’s Your Body is a Wonderland blending with the Brahms’ Lullaby. It should be a lot of fun!

If you are interested in attending, we are offering 2-pairs of tickets for this Thursday’s event, to the first two people to email Brian Miller and request them.


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