Getting your folds right

One of the most common errors we encounter with electronic files is incorrect panel sizes. Knowing the correct dimensions for your panels before you begin your design can save a lot of time later in production. And have we got a solution for you!

There are formulas for calculating the correct panel size, and that’s great if you’re good at math. But let’s face it. Designers are not known for their math skills, so Printing Partners has made it easier. When you establish your flat size (8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 or 6 x 6) we have a calculator that can calculate the panel sizes for you! Our calculator doesn’t require that your flat size be a conventional size like 8.5 x 11. If your design is 5.125 x 7, the calculator can figure out your panel sizes in no time at all.

We also have calculators for: Z-folds, 4-panel roll folds, 5-panel roll folds, 3-panel gatefolds, 4-panel double gatefolds, accordian folds and 4-panel double parallel folds. Each calculator illustrates the fold with animation. Just hold your mouse over the folding example to see how it folds.

Give it a try at:

And happy folding!

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