How to choose between conventional offset and digital printing?

For years the notion that digital printing quality did not compare to offset printing held true.  With the recent advances in digital technology and equipment the playing field has leveled.  The decision now between offset printing and digital printing is based more on application of product and run length.Digital vs. Conventional

For high volume static products conventional offset printing is the most cost effective method of production. Offset also offers the advantage of different types of varnishes, coatings and special inks.

If you are looking for a short run product then digital printing is for you.  With digital printing also comes the advantage of variable data printing. By utilizing variable data printing you can target a specific audience with a message designed just for them. Our Nexpress also offers you the option of glossing your finished piece, giving your job and overall high-gloss finish.

At Printing Partners we can fill both offset and digital needs for you.  From our 40” 5-color press to our two 25” 5-color presses we are setup to accommodate most medium- to long-run offset orders.  While in our digital printing department with our Kodak NexPress and three black and white digital machines, we are equipped to handle any digital job you can challenge us with.

You can even mix offset and digital printing in one project. With our G7 Master Printer Certification our offset and digital presses are calibrated to deliver the same color and print quality.

With our experience with the two printing processes, we can help you choose the right printing solution for your project. Give us a call to learn more about our capabilities.

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