5 Tips for Variable Printing

Variable PostcardsWith today’s technology, one-to-one marketing has become a reality for companies like yours. You can easily create campaigns that offer individualized sales or services to your customers.

  1. Designing and creating a variable data piece does not require special software. You can design and create a variable printing job using any application that can produce a print-ready PDF, such as InDesign or Quark.
  2. Basically, you just need a design and a data file. The most IMPORTANT thing to know is any FIELD in your data base can be used as a trigger to turn off or on, or switch a variable text field, layout page or image.
  3. Database files can be created in whatever program you are most comfortable; we will need a comma delimited text file in the end. An important aspect to remember is to keep the column header names the same as the labels you use in your design file.
  4. You can have multiple designs, versions or layouts with variable printing. If you are sending out postcards, you could have a different layout for each sales person with their photo, signature with a personal greeting and offer.
  5. When using variable photos if the name of your database field is <<sales team>>, then place a label on your picture box in the design file using the same name. So your data file would have a header field name <<sales team>> with records for <<Joe>> and <<Sue>>, then your photos would be named “Joe.jpg” and “Sue.jpg”.

Just remember to have fun with it, if it’s your first time doing a variable job and you have any questions call us. We have an experienced sales staff, mailing and variable data team that would love to help you get started.

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