An Interactive Collaboration

When working with a client that is as intelligent, creative, and high-tech focused as Interactive Intelligence, you better bring your “A” game. Interactive Intelligence is a leading provider of unified IP business communications solutions, providing innovative contact center software to their clients throughout the world. They work with Fortune 500 clients in a ever-changing environment that is fueled by innovation and the ability to quickly adapt to client needs.

We were honored to be selected to work with Interactive Intelligence on a project that had to effectively represent their unique brand and culture. The 12 Reasons Booklet was created by Interactive Intelligence to be the first piece that a member of their sales staff would use to introduce their organization to potential new clients. The text outlined 12 straight-forward and concise reasons why their business has the competitive edge. Their sales staff approaches some of largest and most successful companies in the world, and the quality of the materials they are presenting, needs to exceed expectations to make a solid first impression.

The marketing team at Interactive Intelligence developed the vision of the piece with brilliantly crafted writing, imagery, and layout. We were asked to help develop a cost-effective production plan with several considerations. The challenge was to create a piece that needed to be substantial in feel, perfectly printed, and included a unique process to set it apart from the competition. In addition, the production of the piece needed to be completed with minimal impact to the environment.

To achieve our goals, we help developed the following production plan:

  • To create a substantial feel, and to ensure we had a high quality printing surface, we selected Tango 18 point C2S Cover. Tango is a SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified paper stock, ensuring it’s created from sustainable forests, all at a reasonable cost. We were also able to add the SFI logo to their layout, illustrating their commitment to eco-friendly printing.
  • To ensure the four-color process printing and image quality exceeded expectations, and to reduce materials waste, we printed in accordance with our G7 Master Printer certification.
  • We utilized soy and vegetable based inks, water-based protective coating, solvent recycling systems, and recyclable aluminum printing plates to reduce environmental impact.
  • To grab the recipients attention from the start, we completed a unique die cut to the front cover. The die cutting consisted of cutting out the number “12” from the headline, along with 23 individual 1/8″ squares to expose the color gradient underneath giving the cover some depth and provide a tactile experience.

The final result was a piece that was instantly identifies Interactive Intelligence as a progressive and creative thinking organization with real solutions for their clients.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with clients like Interactive Intelligence that challenge us to provide quality solutions while adding value in each step of the printing process.

If you have questions about this project, or if I can help you develop solutions in print, please contact me at or at 317.225.8115

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