We’ll take you to the Symphony

You’ve heard numerous references as to why arts are important to our local economy and to our cultural environment. Arts and sports; we need both. We need libraries and stadiums as well as performance venues. We need opportunities for our children to be exposed to Shakespeare and Beethoven. (And March 20 they can get a taste of The Music of Pink Floyd on the stage of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.)

Partners NightIncluded in our commitment to the arts is a commitment to help our clients develop new audiences. Our initiative with the Indiana Repertory Theatre provides $10 tickets to selected performances. You can see what performances are available by clicking on Partners Night at the IRT on our home page. From there you can go directly to an IRT web page where you can purchase $10 tickets for Partners’ Night performances. The goal is to make live theatre accessible to people who might not normally attend. And hopefully for the Theatre, it fills seats at performances where they have unused capacity.

Printing Partners PopsSo let’s go to the Symphony. If you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day weekend we have a limited number of tickets to the Saturday, February 13 performance of the Printing Partners Pops. If you’ve never been to a Pops performance, here’s your chance to experience it on our dime. You’ll hear singer, pianist and composer Tony DeSare in a program that includes everything from Gershwin to Prince. (Visit www.indianapolissymphony.org for more information.)

If you want to experience music at the Pops, email me at Michael@PrintingPartners.net. It’s first come, first serve while the tickets last.

Enjoy the Symphony!

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