Why Print?

Brought to you by the letter AThe way we communicate is changing.

Technology, economy and even ecology are playing a role. And along the way, they’re changing the way we think about printing.

Yet even as we explore the issues and consider our options, one constant remains.

Print is here to stay.

Print has value.
It’s personal and human.
It’s portable, yet secure.
It’s consistent and permanent.

But perhaps most of all, printing is effective — whether as a business tool, a marketing device, a means of expression or an instrument of change.

Why Print? The answers follow.

Printing Means Business
One could argue that humans developed written language to keep track of business. And once we started making tick marks in clay tablets, we quickly recognized that we could upgrade the system. Since then, it’s been printing on paper.

Print Delivers Higher ROI
Advertisers spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing — which in turn helps them sell $2,095 worth of goods. That’s a return on investment of 13 to 1. Dollar for dollar, print still outperforms every other marketing medium.

Printing Assures
The dotted line. The bottom line. The fine print. It’s no coincidence that our lives — our births, our report cards, our learner’s permits, our graduations, our marriages, our mortgages, our travels and yes, ultimately, our final bequests — are documented in print, on paper. Certified. Ratified. Signed, sealed and delivered. Because if you want it to be legitimate, you’d better get it in print and on paper.

Print Drives the Internet
Make no mistake, e-business is booming. But customers still let traditional print media lead them to the Web. And once they get there, the shoppers who first turn to print actually buy more than those who only browse online.

Print Gets Through
Print continues to be one of the most targeted forms of business communication. An estimated 99% of all direct mail is delivered to the right person at the right place at the right time.

Printing Just Works
Print gives you control. You pick the colors. You push the photography to its limits. Using size and weight and color and texture, you create the tactile experience. You decide whether it’s a quick read or a lingering stroll. And even though paper starts out flat, you’re not limited to two dimensions. If you can dream it, chances are you can print it. You can even choose your own typefaces. Imagine that.

Need more reasons to choose print, talk to one of our salespeople about the different solutions Printing Partners has to offer.

Article inspired by the booklet “Why Paper Works” by Domtar

About Printing Partners

Commercial & digital printing, graphic design, direct mail, mailing services, promotional products all located under one name, Printing Partners - Indianapolis, Indiana. Printing Partners is FSC Certified and is a G7 Master Printer.
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