Green Fest Indy 2010: Bringing green to the mainstream

Printing Partners is excited to be designated the official printer of Green Fest 2010. Come visit us on Friday, March 26th through Sunday March 28th at the Toyota Expo Hall, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Check out many of Indy’s leading businesses and community leaders that are coming together to share ideas on how to make central Indiana a healthier and a more sustainable place to live, while driving Indiana’s green economy forward. The family fun event will include several exhibits, workshops, and guest speakers that will encourage attendees on how easy it is to make a big impact in our city. Make sure not to miss a special interactive area just for kids. This event will prove to be a fantastic way to learn more about what we can do as responsible businesses and individuals of all ages, to be a little greener everyday.  The event is expected to draw more than 10,000+ attendees over the three-day event.

Please stop by to say hello and to learn more about what we at Printing Partners are doing every day to becoming a leader in green practices in printing. Learn about how we are leading the way with responsible paper purchasing, efficient production practices, recycling efforts, and our newly adopted technologies, that promote sustainability and significant cost reductions for our clients.

For more information on Green Fest 2010 please visit or contact me at or (317) 225-8115.

Win two tickets to Indy Green Fest! Leave a comment on what you are doing as an individual to promote a greener Indy, and the best response will win two tickets as our guest to Indy Green Fest.

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One Response to Green Fest Indy 2010: Bringing green to the mainstream

  1. David Fisk says:

    I am an installation contractor here in Indianapolis. The products I install in homes and businesses are always boxed and sent to the
    customers directly from the manufacturer. Inside each box is packing
    material of many types, especially bubblewrap,styrofoam,shrink foam,and
    others. On any given week I can fill 15-20 large trash bags of this
    material. It is clean, and perfect for re-use. Although I am aware of
    the various shipping businesses that will accept this material free of
    charge, it seems that there should be a wider market for the re-use of
    clean packing material. Maybe there is already, of maybe there are
    businesses willing to start changing the way they pack their products,
    and purchase their “new” packing material. When I think about just how
    much I see in a day/week/month, and realize just how many people also do what I do, and how many companies (worldwide) use packing material
    to ship products, it is clear that there could be (and should be) an
    aftermarket use of this material. Think of the benefits and impact if
    all companies who ship products, and use any kind of packing material,
    were willing (or required) to use atleast some percentage of recycled
    material. I am sure there are companies right now who claim to be very
    devoted to “turning green”, that have not thought about the alternative
    to their current shipping (packing) procedures. I hope to find some of these businesses at this event, as well as find other companies who
    provide products and services to businesses that would be willing to add this necessary product to their inventory.
    I look forward to attending, and look forward to stopping by your booth as well. Please respond with your helpful thoughts and comments
    if you wish, or if you know any company currently interested in this positive change, please contact me.

    David Fisk

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