Once the ink gets in your blood.

My name is Dennis Shea and I am a sales executive with Printing Partners.  I am writing this article in between making and taking phone calls, preparing and reviewing estimates, processing orders and following up on orders in house, which makes this an average day.  So if this article seems to start and stop and ramble a bit please accept my apologies.  In this article, I hope to convey how I came to be in the printing industry and why I enjoy working in print.

I guess you could say I was born to be in printing.  My father was plant manager for a couple of different printing companies in Indianapolis throughout his life and it would be safe to say I inherited the printing gene.  From my earliest memories I can recall the trips to his shop on weekends and evenings and being completely mesmerized by the sounds and motions of the presses and the smells of the inks and solutions.

As I was growing up I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a printer.  That thought became a reality in the summer of 1984 when I was given the opportunity to work for Midtown Printing in their bindery department. The following year when I graduated from high school dad was right there again with another job offer.  At that time I became the delivery driver for Midtown Printing.  As time went on I began learning different aspects of the services we offered, from digital, to prepress, and finally to the small press department where I learned to run the Multilith 1250.  After learning to run the small presses I went on to feed for the 41-inch press and also run the Heidelberg Kord.

After several years at Midtown Printing I went on to other jobs with a few local printing companies but never did quite fit in.  I even tried to get out of printing about 16 years ago, but once the ink gets in your blood it is hard to get out. So I ended up with what was Insty-Prints. I took the position of delivery driver at the Shadeland Avenue location just to get my foot back in the printing door.  After working as delivery driver and in production for a little over a year, I was offered an opportunity to do inside sales working the counter at our retail location.  In 1999, Printing Partners bought that Insty-Print location and it became Printing Partners East. My role in sales expanded and I took on the position I currently hold.  Taking on that inside sales challenge was the beginning of what is now a successful sales career, I had found my home with Printing Partners.

I keep coming back every day because I love the interaction with our clients and the opportunities that are presented every day. And it is hard to stay away, once the ink gets in your blood.

Have a great day everyone.


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One Response to Once the ink gets in your blood.

  1. Lori F says:

    Nice article-well written and easy to read. It is obvious that you love your job and all that it entails. I agree about the print shop-those smells and the machines and the stacks and stacks of paper: Gotta love it.

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